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Electric Castle takes place July 13-16, in the same extraordinary location: the domain of Banffy Castle, in Transylvania near Cluj-Napoca.


ELECTRIC CASTLE is the first Romanian festival that took electronic dance music and live concerts sounds to a castle’s domain. Since its first edition in 2013, the festival was shortlisted every year for the Best Medium Sized Festival Category at the European Festival Awards, among other important European names.


It’s the only music festival in Romania to offer a complete and authentic experience through notorious international artists, a vast camping area, a diverse food court and exceptional scenery. Electric Castle Festival is a unique, mind-blowing experience. It shakes up the way people interact with music by combining a visually innovative concept with an eclectic musical line-up, breaking the boundaries between electronic music, rock music and reggae music.

This year’s edition of Electric Castle, taking place between 13-16 July, celebrates its fifth anniversary with a plethora of world renowned acts. Spanning across ten stages, EC 2017 will see over 130,000 people flock to the iconic `Versailles of Transylvania’ to take advantage of the music, a broad food offering, performing arts, barber shop, yoga classes, fashion corner, and much more.

Guests will be entertained from day to night and back again with one of Europe’s few truly 24-hour festivals. Electric Castle is set to be a full festival experience featuring street performers, stand-up comedy acts, the biggest and most elaborate production to date and a brand new set of areas and structures.