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Artist description

The Szigligeti Theatre is the biggest Hungarian cultural institution in the north-vest part of Romania. It has a unique role, because it has three companies which represent three different types of performing arts. Szigligeti Company, Nagyvárad Dance Ensemble and the puppet art Lilliput Company offers a wide range program for all ages. The Szigligeti Company’s repertoire reflects the respect for tradition and claim for new theatrical forms and languages.

The mission of the theatre is to meet the public’s requirements, and to sensitize them in regard of the social themes of the presented dramas. The theatre aim is to create a space for adequate dialogue between creators, artists and the public. Therefore, we offer off programs and workshops such as “Theatre in school, the school in theatre” which is a collaborative work among actors, local high schools and university students. We also organize readers Theatre, programs for volunteers and exhibitions. The theatre respects the multiculturalism of Oradea thus the majority of the shows have Romanian subtitle.