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André Rieu – The Musician

A native of Maastricht, Netherlands and born into a musical family, André Rieu is the world’s most successful violinist and best selling classical musician of all times. He owns the biggest private orchestra in the world and has sold more than 40 million albums and DVDs. His breakthrough came in 1994 with the CD “Strauss & Co”. Since then, he has received more than 400 Platinum and 171 Gold Awards. He has more than 1.2 mio Facebook fans. In his concerts he plays the most beautiful waltzes by Johann Strauß or Franz Lehár, world famous hits from musicals and film, the most beloved melodies from opera and operetta as well as popular music of all decades.
André has been dubbed a modern “King of the Waltz”. “Johann Strauß is my favourite composer of all times.”
In his shows, André plays the violin, conducts his orchestra and is a charming “conférencier” who will interact with the audience after every piece.

André plays a violin built by Stradivarius in 1732. “I love this instrument. It reminds me of the opera singer Maria Callas – very passionate.”
André loves to compose. He wrote the famous opening to the “Donna Leon” TV series and much more.

André Rieu – The Entertainer

Every year, André, his Johann Strauss Orchestra, chorus and international soloists play about 100 concerts all over the world in front of an audience of 1 Million people. His tours have been on Billboard’s Top 10 for the past ten years. André’s shows will make you laugh, weep and dance in the isles. His concerts are not like the stiff classical concerts you may have experienced. Be prepared for an evening full of fun!

André Rieu – The Businessman

André lives and works in Maastricht. His company is called “André Rieu Productions”. 120 employees work for André on a regular basis with about 100 freelancers while on tour. His orchestra members come from ten different nations. André has his own recording studio, travel agency, a kindergarden for the orchestra member’s children, his own busses (built by Mercedes Benz) and owns a complete atelier in which the costumes for his concerts are made. He owns four complete sets of the stage, instruments, costumes etc.. He and his orchestra travel with his own cooks, doctor and fitness trainer.

André Rieu – The Family Man

To André Rieu, his family is the most important factor in his success. He’s been married for 40 years to Marjorie, a former teacher for German and Italian. The couple has two sons, Marc (who is a painter) and Pierre (who is Vice President of André Rieu Productions). André and Marjorie have four little grandchildren, of which three have already started playing the violin.
“I always wanted to marry someone whom I not only loved but with whom I could work together. Without Marjorie my dream would not have come true: To travel the world with my own orchestra. And for this I will always be grateful.” André Rieu