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Sibiu International Theatre Festival reaches, in 2017, its 24th edition. For 10 days, between 9 and 18th of June, Sibiu will become once again the international capital of performing arts. Theatre, dance, music, circus, outdoor performances, films, book launches, conferences, performance and a lot of pure joy, both on stage and off stage – this is what every FITS edition means.


This year’s edition is themed “Love”. The one feeling that is without conditions, that always offers without asking for something in return, it’s the feeling to be shared in all moments of the festival in June, through the exquisite performances and encounters, events that have their Romanian, European, or even their world premiere at FITS.


In 1993, a group of driven individuals started a Festival. Out of love for the theatre, the city, the community. Today, the whole world acknowledges with great appreciation that, for ten days, during the International Theatre Festival, the World’s Cultural Capital is in Romania, at Sibiu.

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