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PulzArt - Nassim Soleimanpour (IR

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Nassim Soleimanpour: White Rabbit, Red Rabbit

The Iranian writer, Nassim Soleimanpour has created a dramatic form never seen before: no rehearsals, no set, no costumes, no director. Actors can only play the show once in their lives and the script is waiting for them in a sealed envelope on stage. White Rabbit, Red Rabbit is an interactive theatrical experiment and a potent reminder of the unrepeatable and transformative power of theatre. A common game with the writer, the actor and the audience: the spontaneity of the actor reading a script for the first time and discovering it together with the audience gives a profound sense of the writer's voice in the room, where they all go off into the unknown, pushing the boundaries of conventional theatre.

Soleimanpour was not allowed to leave his native Iran, so he wrote a play that has travelled the world instead. White Rabbit, Red Rabbit has been translated into more than 50 different languages and has been performed from India to Denmark, New-Zealand to Canada by some of the biggest names in theatre and film, including actors like Whoopi Goldberg, F. Murray Abraham, Alföldi Róbert, Mucsi Zoltán, Ofelia Popii or Marius Turdeanu. At the 8th edition of pulzArt the audience can witness the play performed by Pálffy Tibor, Claudia Ardelean, Kónya Ütő Bence and Pál Ferenczi Gyöngyi (in Hungarian or Romanian languages).


Thursday 13 October, 20:30. Performed by Pálffy Tibor (HU)

Friday, 14 October, 20:30. Performed by Claudia Ardelean (RO)

Saturday 15 October, 20:30. Performed by Kónya Ütő Bence (HU)

Sunday 16 October, 18:00. Performed by Pál Ferenczi Gyöngyi (HU)

The performance lasts about 90 minutes.

Location: Háromszék Dance Studio

Tickets: 30/15 lei.

Recommended age: 14+