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Servus Transilvania Fest

Woistal Rock CommUnity

3rd Edition

 18-20 August 2017


What else could a community be than organising people around common values?

An anecdote

In the fortified church in Biertan there still is a room with one bed, one plate, one spoon and one cup where couples who wanted to separate used to be locked for 2 weeks. The two had to share everything – there was the perfect environment for overcoming disagreements and for conciliation. The word is that in 300 years, when Biertan was a diocese, there was only one couple who divorced.

The story of the festival

Servus Transilvania Fest began 3 years ago in the valley of Otto Wagner, a Saxon who apparently returned home to relight the local community spirit, transforming a deserted boundary in an oasis of quietness and relaxation, where luxuriant vegetation comes to life every summer.

Woistal, meaning in German das wüste Tal and in Romanian Voisala, the deserted valley, is located at approximately 2 km from Biertan and became KM 0 of the reconstruction of community spirit, god-quality music and of free people.

Why Woistal Rock CommUnity ?

Woistal is no longer a deserted valley. Servus Transilvania Fest intends to complete what our friend, Otto Wagner, has started.

We invite you to Woistal, a place where differences of all kind reconcile, a place where we can form together a community of people sharing common musical and cultural values.

We wish for an educated public to enjoy this magical place together with us. We keep nature clean even at 10,000 participants!




We intend to contribute to creating a pleasant atmosphere by organising a unitary artistic program and by supplying high quality services.

The artistic program contains rock / prog / metal live music concerts and jam sessions with the participation of Romanian and foreign bands.

Bio and hand-made products

Servus Transilvania Fest becomes a meeting place for the most skilled craftsmen and local producers attending the Festival’s Fair. With their help we will succeed in bringing an alternative to large-scale commerce and to access home-style, fresh and quality products.

„You are what you leave behind!”

We promote:

  • Local/regional cultural patrimony

  • Newcomer bands by facilitating the possibility to concert in front of a high-quality public and to participate in a juried competition 

  • Respect for nature and for keeping the environment clean

  • Team work