Promoter Service

Since the introduction of Euroticket and eventim.sales, the most modern and comfortable ticketing and administration software, Eventim is the leader in Europe and has considerably increased their services for customers, promoters and retailers. This system is distinguished by its simplicity of use not only in producing tickets but also in the end sale to the customer, the use of graphic seating plans only, a real online information system, manifold analysis possibilities and a short training phase. All users are guaranteed a high security factor by the use of forgery-proof tickets that use holograms, UV embossments, barcodes and serialised numbering. The ticket can be used not only as a control but also as an advertising medium. The printing of advertising logos can be done at the promoters request and in addition promoter and retailer logos. Consequently each Eventim.RO can be given an individual message. Of course, each promoter can use his in-house facilities to print his own ticket material. In this case Eventim.RO will, upon request, be willing to help in the design and the choice of printer.
At best the Eventim Ticket-System doesn’t cost the promoter anything. The costs incurred are covered by a small system fee and the advance sale fee which are carried by the end customer. If the promoter desires an inside commission can of course also be charged. Tickets printed by the promoter himself for his own use will be charged with a print and licence fee.

Shortly there will be a form available here with which you can inform us of your event and related information.