Payment methods

You have the possibility to choose from the following payment methods, dependent upon the event and the period of order, in the Eventim.RO Webshop:


You can pay the value of your purchase with your VISA or EURO-/MASTER CARD.

When paying with credit card you need to show your valid credit card AND official identification (Passport or ID-Card) upon pick-up of the tickets from the Eventim.RO main office, if this is the chosen delivery method. For other delivery methods, Eventim.RO reserves the right to check the validity of your documents and to cancel the purchase in case you cannot our refuse to present them.

Your VISA card will be debited with the open amount (for your own security and comfort creditcard data will only be asked for on last step of shopping process, it will not be stored but handed over encrypted to the payment service provider).

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Buyer and credit card owner need to be the same person. Purchases without matching data may be cancelled even without prior notification (amount will automatically be refunded, ticket reservation will expire)